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How to Date Chinese Women: A Quick Start Guide

So, you want to learn how to date Chinese women. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Luckily, they do not differ much from the women you have dated in the past. Continue reading this quick start guide to get your international love life off to successful beginnings.

Build a Friendship First

Any male looking to pursue a relationship with a Chinese woman should begin with friendship. Women from China are usually very shy and naïve so just focus on getting acquainted first. Talk, laugh, and become friends before displaying any romantic interest. The point of this is establishing trust and comfort. You don’t want to run the risk of making a Chinese woman nervous when pursuing a romance. A slow and steady approach is best. 

Ask Her Out

After establishing a friendship, ask her out.  Don’t be intense or overly forward. Just ask if she would like to join you on a dinner date or similar outing. Chances are, she was waiting for you to turn on the romance switch and will accept. Once a Chinese woman does, make all the arrangements (like dinner reservations). Also, ensure that you have money to pay for the entire date. This is expected in Chinese dating culture. You will not see a Chinese woman again if you go Dutch. It is the man’s job to take charge and part of his role is paying for the date. 

Be Yourself

When it comes to learning how to date Chinese women or any others, the best piece of advice to follow is be yourself. The person you are and your character determines if a woman would like to continue seeing you. Chinese women focus on personality and who a man is on the inside. The only way to have a woman truly fall for you is showing her who you truly are. Putting forth a façade just causes trouble in the end. 

Make Your Intentions Clear

Once you start dating, it is important to make your intentions clear from the very start. When a Chinese woman starts seeing a guy romantically, oftentimes she’s looking for a long-term partner, a husband. Others just want company. Avoid mixed messages by asking her what she is looking for and sharing what your goal is as well. It is best to do this on the first or second date. This way, if the two of you are not on the same page, you can stop dating before feelings enter the equation.


This goes for all women but is especially important when dating Chinese women. First, honing your listening skills will make any language barrier less of a hurdle. When you take the time to focus on what a woman is saying, you’ll be able to process it and keep the conversation flowing. Additionally, listening will impress a Chinese woman. Although they expect men to lead all discussions, they want to feel heard and better yet, know that they have your undivided attention. To show that you’re listening, ask for more details when she shares something you find interesting. It is the easiest way to display attentiveness. 

Share Your Values and Interests

Chinese women like foreign men because despite geographic differences, both share many of the same values and interests. For this reason, discuss yours on the date. Take a moment to have an in-depth discussion about values and interests with her. Share your thoughts on family, anything else that’s important to you, spirituality and reveal some things you like to do in your spare time. Finding something to connect on as soon as possible will make the connection much stronger. That is what learning how to date Chinese women is all about! 

Be Bold

Chinese women like bold men who know how to lead without coming off as too intense. Do that by taking initiative. This lets her know that you have everything covered and hints that you are someone who can take care of her in the future. Be present, show her the way, work to further the connection, encourage her during conversation, make her feel special, and make a few subtle moves to promote physical intimacy.
Now, go try out your new-found knowledge. It works!

Chinese Dating: How to Date Chinese Girls