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The Difference Between Russian and Chinese Women

Is there a difference between Russian and Chinese women? Of course! They are from two different countries with different cultures. Despite that, both countries are go tos for men looking to dip their feet into the international dating pool. Let’s go over their significant differences to take the edge off your decision-making process. This time we’re covering differences ranging from what to expect during that first introduction to their chosen role in a relationship. 


Chinese women are some of the most approachable in the world. They radiate an infectious warmth that makes you want to spark a conversation. Although shy, Chinese women are still very easy to talk to and surprisingly engaging once you get a conversation going. This largely has to do with their intelligence. Chinese women are educated and have a lot to say once their guard comes down. Russian women, on the other hand, are notorious for their cold and unapproachable demeanor. Despite that, women from Russia are actually kind, warm and quick witted. A Russian woman will surely keep you on your toes. 

Type of Man

The men both women are generally attracted to also differs. Chinese women are looking for kind, attentive and manly yet not too dominant men. One thing women from China hate is a chauvinist who is domineering. They just aren’t fit for those men – but what woman is? This is why fewer Chinese women are finding love with Chinese men. Russian women prefer manly men. It is what they’re drawn to since men with that manly trait know how to lead and take charge. Although Russian women want a strong leader, respect is also a must. Like all women, Russian beauties want a partner that knows how to treat a woman. Ideally, they want a dominant leader with a soft side.


Although overlooked, the energy of a relationship decides whether it fails or thrives. The energy and overall dynamic of two people when they come together is either fulfilling or lacking. Chinese women add calm and serenity to a romance. They can make any man feel at ease making them an excellent match for those craving that dynamic. Russian women have more fire, passion, and excitement to offer. Women from Russia are also challenging (in a good way), bold and as said, will keep a man on his toes. 


Russian women have this reputation of being subservient brides but that isn’t the truth at all. They like to keep their men happy but their happiness matters just as much. Russians are all about enjoying life and living it to the fullest. Along with maintaining a happy marriage and building a family, they have dreams and aspirations to strive for. Traditional values are still near and dear but a large portion has taken a more modern approach to life. Chinese women differ significantly. Their priorities include their values, loyalty, family and sticking with tradition to preserve the culture. 


Another difference between Russian and Chinese women is their appearance. You know the obvious variations in features so let’s talk about how they present themselves. Both believe it is important to look good for their partners so no worries there but Russian women have a sexy, bold taste in clothing while Chinese women manage to show off their fit figures in a modest, sophisticated way. They have impeccable taste and always look like classic beauties.

The Role of Women

Chinese women take a more submissive role in a relationship. That is how things are in China and that carries over into relationships with foreign men. Gender inequality is an issue that is, fortunately, improving slowly but surely. Just don’t let the kind, gentle, allow my partner to lead approach to relationships fool you. Chinese women will not take crap from anyone so it is important to treat them well. Otherwise, you have a big problem in a pretty, petite package. Russian women believe that men and woman are equal and often demand to be treated as such. Taking care of the home and those in it is something they take pride in but brutish behavior is a deal breaker. Russian women have tolerated their fair share in their home country.

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