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Asian girls’ popularity as a social phenomenon

Asian lovers grow more and more popular with each decade in the west. For many, it’s still an exotic kind of dating and it creates numerous discussions on the Internet, on blogs and forums.
Why did Asian girls become so attractive to westerners? More interestingly, why Asian women prefer white men as well, if their mothers and grandmothers were getting married with locals only?
Dating experts think it’s normal for the world which is constantly changing, and interracial dating will keep on winning the singles worldwide. There are too many reasons for that.
First of all, Asian mentality is completely opposite to a feminism that occupied western women’s minds. They remain feminine and healthily submissive in any situation, and men love that.
Secondly, many nationalities in Asia come from the third world countries, so women are also interested in western men in a matter of survival. They aren’t demanding at all, a free meal is enough.
It’s so in the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam. China girls are better provided, but they’re far from the financial level of Singaporean women or Korean females whose basic and extra needs are covered.
Chinese people are the most migrating Asians in the world, they can be met in any country and often prefer to get education in Russia or other post-Soviet countries, cause it’s cheaper for them.
Additionally, Chinese women are interested in relocating abroad because of their laws that include a strict baby-control and other limitations. Girls want to live freely and do what they want.
Ironically, Asian men’s interest in their local women gradually decreases each year. Chinese men, in particularly, tend to marry blonde Russian women and other female foreigners.
So it’s no wonder sexy Chinese girls use any chances to be appreciated and loved, even if it involves big changes in life and moving to another country with a totally different culture.

How to hookup in China

Hooking up in China is easy, since this country isn’t severely traditional. On the opposite, communistic regime is limiting girls’ interactions with locals, so they set themselves free with foreigners.
For sure, China isn’t as perfect for casual sex as Thailand or Philippines, but it’s even better since girls are approached for free there, and there is a big space for one’s love hunter instincts.
Like the majority of Asian women, Chinese girls prefer a western type of appearance, so they quickly fall for American men or other guys from abroad who seek their sweet attention.
They can be met in the nightclubs of big cities, in the parks where they’re exercising or jogging, in cinemas and cafes. If a girl walks alone or with a female friend, the chance is big she’ll talk to you.
Be careful but not more than you are in other countries: make sure there isn’t an engagement ring on her finger, there isn’t a local boyfriend around, and a girl isn’t too young cause they all look mature.
As to the last warning, don’t worry too much though since the age of consent in China is 14 years old. It’s older than in Japan or the Philippines, but young enough for those who prefer teens.
Yet, dating experts recommend to hookup adults only, to avoid any complications in a strange country. Always be polite, do not push things, learn girls’ traditions on dating blogs before you visit.
When a person is right, all goes smoothly. Asian girls laugh a lot, readily adsorb compliments and jokes, they’re childish in a good way, and very playful so it’s a pleasure to pickup them.
Chinese women respond positively both to a day game and a night game. They’re usually too tired of studying or working long hours, so they’re more than happy to relax with you.
One more thing to know, Chinese girls can get intimate quickly, but they’ll never show their readiness or make the first step. Remember they aren’t feministic in any way, and rather like to obey.
So if to detect this moment correctly and catch the chance, the closest hotel might become your best hookup solution and you’ll experience lots of wonderful moments with your Chinese lover.

Top mistakes men make while hookuping a Chinese woman

It’s good we can use other people’s experience, instead of making our own mistakes over and over again. Best dating blogs, and educative videos on the Internet are assisting singles in that.
Chinese beauties are exotic not only by appearance, they think completely differently and men should realize that. So here are some basic aspects helping you to understand those girls better.
• Chinese women want to get married. All of them. Never discuss your following escape and plans on meeting other girls, before you succeed to hookup your China lover.
• Chinese girls do not need big gifts, but they always expect little souvenirs for their family members since they’re very close with them. Remember that if you plan to date long.
• They like playing little girls in a bed and out of it, but not because they are sugar babes. It’s just a tradition, and their perception of the world. They know all men enjoy that.
• Chinese models aren’t as spoiled as western or European ones, they are extremely sexy and cute yet down to earth and amiable. So China is the best place to hookup a model.
• They care a lot about their skin and makeup, but also will shower you with their casual selfies. They look less attractive on them but very fresh and truthful, so do not criticize.
• Do not skip the option of travelling together, Chinese girls are the best travel companions. They can stay in three star hotels, eat modest food, and walk long hours.
These secrets are only few and very simple, but they’ll save you a bunch of time and nerves. If you know Chinese girls’ advantages and unique traits, you will date them more efficiently.
These best hookup tips are also suitable for one-night-stands, even with the most decent girls who didn’t seem to accept your courtship. The information is everything, and it helps you to win over.
There are also some basic principles of courtesy and respect some other men aren’t taking into consideration. It’s their big mistake as well, since they are wasting their time with no results.
So, one of these principles is to never remind to a woman in China she’s from a less developed country than you are, to never laugh at her petite salary, to never be arrogant in any form.
Such an attitude simply isn’t manly, and it isn’t fruitful either. You can have numerous hookups in China if you master your negative sides and learn to be respectful in any situation.
Another principle is not to comment typical Asian figures which are somewhat flat, comparing to Latina women for instance. Their shorter height and compact stature help them to stay youthful much longer.
And it goes without saying that any negative statements about the shape of their eyes, the color of their skin are absolutely out of line. Any race is precious and good-looking in its own way.
Chinese girls should be appreciated at least for their honesty and reliability, since they are rarely fraudulent or hypocrite. They are the sweetest persons with an open heart and cute words.
They are thankful to anyone who can see their inner and physical beauty through the stereotypes, and who accepts their devotion at least for one evening if not for life. Do not miss this nice opportunity.