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Dating Hot North Korean Women

If you ask any man about Korean girls, the first thing to point out would be their beauty. Korean ladies are unique, sexy and spicy even if they might seem cold and distant. It’s not an easy task to win a Korean girl’s heart, so here’re some tricks to help you win this battle.

What to expect from a Korean girl?

If you’re about to date a Korean girl, expect a fashionable and well-dressed lady with a perfect hairdo and doll face make-up. Make sure to wear something suitable: not overly formal but still with a good style. Most of the men notice that Korean women wear way too much make-up, and this is true. Asian girls, in general, are fond of makeup and various transformations it can offer them. They like to change looks and styles so every time you meet your Korean girlfriend, you may behold a different person.
Speaking about their personal qualities, Korean girls are perfect girlfriends! They are very caring, attentive to your problems and needs, they’re super polite and will never ask inconvenient questions or annoy you when you’re really upset. They’re considerate and thoughtful, always ready to help and even sacrifice some of their interests or plans for your sake. On the other hand, Korean girls might seem over-caring to a Western man liking. They can easily buy you a new sweater of jeans, take you to the restaurant or get you a haircut. It’s normal in their country, but in the Western world, such behavior might seem odd.
In spite of all these positive qualities, there’s a reverse side of the coin. Hot north Korean women are extremely possessive and jealous. They tend to control their man’s life as much as they possibly can. For example, you’ll have to report them where you are and when you’ll be back home. Some girls may even demand a video chat, just to make sure you’re not cheating on her! They’re also very sensitive and can get upset or offended over little things.

How to date a Korean girl?

If you’re not afraid of complicated Asian personality and still want to win a Korean girl’s heart, here’re some do’s and don’ts you need to learn before going to a date.
1. When dating Korean women, remember that casualty is the best thing. Don’t try to be too formal and theatrical. There’s a myth that the Koreans don’t drink at all, but it’s far away from reality, so it’s normal to just go for a beer at the first date.
2. If you’re going to a café or a restaurant, make sure to avoid spicy food. Korean ladies like make-up and use it a lot, and too spicy food would easily make their make-up break apart. If you don’t want to upset your potential girlfriend right at the first meeting, just order some coffee and call it a day.
3. It’s very important to be punctual, as the Koreans are very responsible and pedantic people. Even if you’re late for a reason, your girl will still take offense or at least clearly demonstrate her discontent.
4. Speaking about topics to discuss, since there’s not much in common between you yet, it’s better to talk about something abstract or try to get to know each other. Great topic to choose is traveling or hobbies. A good entertaining conversation is your ticket to the second date. Also, it’s very important for Korean girls to have similar hobbies, or at least not to hate each other’s interests. If you find out that you enjoy completely different things, your first date will most likely be the last one.
5. Korean women hate gamers. It’s a real problem in Korea since the majority of men are addicted to various video games. It literally pisses off Asian ladies, so even if you really enjoy playing PlayStation or PC, do not mention it by no means!
6. Pretty Korean women like athletic men who are into sports. It can be anything: swimming, jogging, riding a bike, whatever makes you look and feel more masculine and able to protect her. Korean women are very subtle, needy and feminine, so it’s quite important for them to feel safe and protected.
7. Since eastern people are extremely polite, it’s important to send a message to your girl saying that you had a good time and thank her for the amazing date. It would be reasonable to text her in a couple of days after the date when she most likely has already made up her mind whether she likes you or not. The reply to your simple message can be pretty eloquent. It’s an interesting peculiarity of Asian ladies: even if you text her in a few hours after the date, she most certainly will answer the day or two after. Just because she needs to think about it and decide if she has anything to do with you.

How NOT to date Korean girls

There’re some things considered taboo if you want to win a hot North Korean woman. Here’s a short list for you to always remember:
Korean ladies are very proud. There’s a painful prejudice that they’re easy, so they do their best to act the opposite. Do not ever show or even hint at considering her as an easy win or a one-night relationship. It can offend your girl to the bottom of her heart. Be respectful and show her that you’re looking for serious relationships.
Do not try to date several Korean girls at once. They have exceptional intuition, and together with overwhelming jealousy, they’ll figure out your lies very quickly. For them, you’re a womanizer and a playboy unless you prove the opposite.
And finally, always respect her parents, as it’s a part of their national culture. Parents always have great influence on ladies’ choice of husband, so win their anticipation and the victory is yours!