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Chinese Women and Filipinas: A Fair Comparison

Most compare Chinese women and Filipinas on looks alone when determining their preference but there’s more criteria to consider if you’re after a serious relationship. Here’s a fair comparison. 

They Are Both Shy

Upon meeting a Chinese woman or Filipina, expect to face some reservation. They are both very shy and need time to warm up to a man before further steps are taken to improve a relationship. While the shyness is more of a temporary thing with Filipinas, do not expect things to change dramatically with a Chinese woman. The shyness of a Filipina often masks a very lively personality that Chinese women just don’t have. 

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Family Plays a Huge Role

Family will play a huge role in your relationship whether you go with Chinese women or Filipinas. Well, only when the relationship gets serious. Not only are there many people to meet and several family dinners to attend but the woman you’re with will expect you to help her family out financially – especially if she moves to the states with you. This in no way means that she’s interested in you for your money. It is just how things work in China and the Philippines. After a woman finds a partner, he is expected to help her family out financially. Also, parents from both cultures tend to meddle in relationships quite a bit but it comes from a good place.


Chinese women and Filipinas share the same petite frames but their looks do differ. Both have dark hair and share some of the classic "Asian” features but Chinese women have pale skin while Filipinas have beautifully tanned skin as well as Spanish features which give them that exotic look that drives men crazy. 

Naturally Caring Nature

Women from both countries have this incredibly loving and caring nature that’s displayed right off the bat. They are the most pleasant women you’ll ever meet and have the power to instantly put any man at ease. Everything from the welcoming look in their eyes to their smiles, gestures, and tone of voice will draw you in. 


Despite religion being very important in the Philippines, Filipinas are more sexually liberated than Chinese women. Although a significant portion chooses to save themselves for marriage, they are generally more comfortable discussing sex and are open to building physical intimacy once they find a man they’re comfortable with. Chinese women are tougher to crack. It takes time and patience but they eventually show their sexual side. The pressures of their culture and society just weigh heavy on the average woman from China. Despite that, the fact that you’re a foreigner does help. If a Chinese woman sleeps with a local man before marriage, he looks down on her afterwards but foreign men don’t so there is an additional level of comfort there. 


To compare Chinese women and Filipinas on independence in a relationship, both Chinese women and their Filipina equivalents are in search of an old-fashioned romance – to a point. That is tradition and while Chinese women are about keeping that tradition alive and well, Filipinas tend to challenge it. Women from China are quite dependent in relationships and expect a man to take care of them and Filipinas practice more independence since many have adapted a more Western way of life. They do not look to men to take care of them and prefer balancing both the life of a housewife and a career woman. In other words, they are more self-sufficient partners. Bottom line is, those looking for a traditional romance will prefer a Chinese woman while Filipinas are better for modern men. 

Chance of a Successful Long Distance Relationship

Now let’s compare Chinese women and Filipinas in the long-distance relationship department. For starters, both are excellent and the chance of a successful LDR is just as good. Chinese women are very attentive when in a long-distance relationship with a man. They bridge the gap quite seamlessly with regular updates, sweet messages and so on. That being said, they do need just as much attention as they give. As said, Filipinas are more independent and therefore take a more relaxed approach to long distance relationships. Most are happy with a few brief chats each week. 

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