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Why would one be interested in Chinese dating?

Dating in China will always be popular, for many reasons. First of all, Chinese women perfectly impersonalize hot Asian beauty that is so desirable by single westerners and Europeans.
China isn’t the most prosperous country in Asia, lots of girls live a very simple life and develop a down-to-earth attitude. It’s quite relieving after dealing with shallow and consuming western girls.
Like the majority of Asian females, Chinese lovers are submissive, and find it natural to obey both in a bed and in real life. Such a quintessence of femininity is definitely exciting for westerners.
It’s also an appealing fact that Chinese girls typically date older men and do not consider this a problem. All their society is tolerant to couples with an age gap, rather than peers dating.
It’s even more common in China than in Eastern Europe, for example, although Russia and Ukraine are ones of the most patriarchal countries. Only the Philippines beat China in this regard.
Young Chinese girls attract admirers from the whole world, since it’s completely natural for a man to desire a much younger partner and create a harmonious union based on his life experience.

Are Chinese girls hotter than other Asians?

The definition hot has two meanings, beautiful and sexy. In terms of beauty, the Asian type of it, Chinese women are surely attractive. They are cute, petite, always youthful, and animated.
The only nuance is that a man should live in China long enough, to start differing female faces at first glance. Chinese girls make it more challenging by themselves, since their makeup is similar and traditional.
In South Korea and in the Philippines, for example, all faces are completely unique and it can be seen instantly. In China, most of girls are repeating the same pattern of physical appearance.
As to their sexiness, their style is to play little sweet girls, just like Japanese girls do. Because of this tradition, no one really knows the age of a particular woman, especially while chatting online.
Stunning Chinese models earn extra points on the scale of sexuality for their submissive behavior and a very strong commitment to satisfy their partner. It makes them greatest lovers ever.

Where to meet Chinese women online?

Girls in Chinaare known for being fascinated by new technologies and innovations, partially because their country is one of the world leaders in gadget producing. They have famous brands too.
So, it’s not surprising Chinese women are selective when it comes to best dating apps. They tend to choose qualitative sites with elements of social networks, and informative dating blogs included.
Like all other activities, they keep online dating trendy yet simple and casual. Chinese dating sites are typically filled with natural selfies, and truthful personal info. Here are some of them.

No. 3 dating app. ChinaLoveCupid

This fascinating platform is developed by a dating giant CupidMedia which rarely fails in its projects. The paid membership is no more expensive than usually, yet the app can be used for free.
The user who wants to save money and remain a Standard Member, can send mass interests to any number of other users and message anyone who already has a Golden or Platin status.
Chinese girls on this app are very cute, some use professional studio photos and others use casual medium-quality photos. Many buy a Golden subscription to let men reach them easier.

No. 2 dating app. Date in Asia

Although meant for Asian dating in general, this app is mostly filled with Chinese girls profiles. It suggests multiple free options, from free messaging to photo and video exchange.
Finding a match by geolocation is also a free option, but advanced features come for free. For example, anonymous likes checking, notifications about the received message, profile promotion.
The quality of girls is reportedly good, however, bots and fraudulent accounts also happen so one needs to watch out. The app mostly works well, but sometimes can be slow or glitchy.

No. 1 dating app. Brilic

Brilic app became a number one Chinese dating platform in 2019, and keeps its position since. Chinese girls confess they choose this app thanks to its trendy design and the presence of dating blog.
Since many of them dream to find a life partner and move abroad, not only to hookup occasionally, they also choose Brilic for the elements of elite dating app, since it’s middle-priced.
The biggest number of success stories took place exactly on Brilic app, which makes its popularity understandable. Happy couples admit using this platform was easy and joyful.

How to communicate with a Chinese woman online

There are always special ways to conquer a girl of this or that nationality, and Chinese women aren’t an exception. They are down-to-earth yet traditional, and one’s strategy should be based on that.
Girls in China like to discuss simple and understandable things, such as the hobbies of you two, your favorite food, romantic preferences, places you would like to visit, and so on.
As to their traditions and culture, it’s an endless source of talks. Just ask her to tell more about her favorite sceneries in China, their traditional food and local dishes that she likes to cook.
Keep in mind that Asian people do not like vulgarity or even exceeded openness as we westerners understand it. Even their erotic movies are always censored, and so is their mind.
So please be mild and soft while describing your sexual fantasies and dreams. Use metaphors, allegories, replace the most rude words with their analogues, remain romantic and gallant.
On the beginning, it seems a bit unusual to western men to use cute words and sweet teen techniques for virtual sex with a Chinese girl, but soon it becomes a habit and everyone is satisfied.

How to meet a Chinese woman offline

Time is short, and singles are more and more in hurry to meet their penpal for real, as soon as possible. It’s natural to be impatient as more as singles are easily distracted by new pretenders.
In any case, you should know that Chinese girls are just as impatient as you. They aren’t ok with corresponding for months without a possibility to meet soon. So you can set up a real meeting quickly.
No special words or tricks are needed for calling a China girl out. Just say that, it works. Tell her you are going to Beijing for business, or would like to invite her for a romantic getaway somewhere.
Normally, Chinese women accept such an invitation. The most hard-working ones may prefer to meet in their hometown, but students and girls with a flexible schedule may travel without problem.
Another relieving fact is that China women absolutely aren’t demanding or picky when it comes to travel destinations. You can suggest the most budget-saving trip, and still, she will be happy.
Many of them study or live for years in such boring countries as Ukraine or Russia, away from the main cities or any magnificent sceneries. If they’re ok there, they will be ok in a three-star hotel too.
More importantly, during the first date of even a long vacation together, Chinese girls don’t judge, don’t criticize, and do not analyze much. They let a man relax, and be himself.